Zoom! Zoom! - Dallas Theater Center
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Zoom! Zoom!

Let’s begin with a bit of lyric from Lionel Richie & The Commodores’ Zoom.

Whoa, I like to greet the sun each mornin’
And walk amongst the stars at night
I’d like to know the taste of honey in my life
In my life

By the end of the workday, I am tired, and Mom has settled into her evening and night time project (no longer the morning person). In other words, I close down my day and she’s just getting started. “Mom, rehearsal starts in 30 minutes.” This marks my countdown . . . 15, 10, and the final reminder “we must be on-time.” Zoom! Off we go with our Public Works Prime friends. After rehearsal, we look at each other and out comes “that was fun.”

Over the past three weeks, we have written two character scripts and descriptive paragraphs under the creative guidance of Playwright-in-Residence, Jonathan Norton. In the first reading of the script (crafted with a bit of Shakespeare’s TWELTH NIGHT and our scripts), Director Tatyana-Marie Carlos reminds us of the intentionality and orchestrated chaos expected while reading and that it is a “good thing.” Imperfection as perfection. I love it! With COVID and Zoom, I remember there is a chaos theory where underlying patterns and interconnectedness exist, yielding new experiences and learnings. But, I digress.

Week seven, we will record the Zoom portion of the “movplay” a term our director uses as we zoom-in and out and ignore this ugly virus hovering still. In mid-July, we will leave the virtual space behind to film in-person, safely of course.

We “re-“everything in our lives. Reimagine, refresh, and reenergize spirits and bodies to belong to something larger than ourselves – COMMUNITY.

Whoa, zoom, I’d like to fly far away from here
Where my mind can see fresh and clear
And I’ll find the love that I long to see
People can be what they wanna be

Listen to Zoom from Lionel Richie and The Commodores