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That’s a Wrap!

Community is a feeling too. Eight weeks on Zoom preceded tech rehearsal and filming in the park on campus at Janie. C. Turner Recreation Center. Performers, volunteers, and production crews moved in concert with young men playing basketball, cheerleading campers, families walking their dogs and children enjoying bursts of water sprouting high into the air. It was an exhausting two days, but the absolute best feeling.

Such a joy to take this journey with the Primes of Public Works Dallas (PWD). Even though we had to remain physically distanced and masked, we created something wonderful with professionals directing and staging us. Imagination and creativity exploded in the park with blue hues and iridescence under trees and breezes welcomed in the heat.

After every “cut,” we’d wait patiently for the next direction, next movement – sitting, standing, hydrating. I’d look in awe and wonder at varied activities that brought us together for six hours at Janie C. Turner. We were together – sharing space, sharing an ecosystem, sharing a common goal even though we might not name it a goal. We might name activities – saying hello, filming, playing basketball, handing out water, monitoring safety, staging, directing, taking temperatures, practicing cheers, offering chairs, dancing, performing, taking kids to the park, walking dogs, catching a burst of water, resting, adjusting costumes, gathering equipment, and then saying good-bye.

The goal is belonging. As humans, we will take the long journey to belong, to be a part of something larger than ourselves. Mom and I ventured from our COVID-safe bubble to be in community. She was feeling a bit tired on the day of filming, and said, “Do we have to go?”  And I repeated words she used on my sisters and I as kids, “We have to finish what we start. It’s going to be fun!”  On the drive home, she was energized and talked the entire trip home. The next day, “Now, when does the film come out?”

Toni Morrison writes, “Art reminds us that we belong here.” We look forward to sharing the film A Little Less Lonely on August 10th. And in the fall, we look forward to seeing you at the theater where all are welcome.

Thank you for following my blog.


Dionne Davis