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Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission
Dallas Theater Center will engage, entertain, and inspire our diverse community by creating experiences that stimulate new ways of thinking and living. We will do this by consistently producing plays, educational programs, and other initiatives that are of the highest quality and reach the broadest possible constituency.

Our Vision
Dallas Theater Center will be recognized, both locally and nationally, as a top-tier arts organization, as a cultural destination for Dallas and the surrounding region, and as a collaborative artistic force that values diversity and practices inclusion.

Our Values
The following values, which support our mission and vision, will guide our programmatic, financial, and other choices and will be at the center of all our decisions:

Artistic Excellence
We believe in creating theater, learning experiences, and associated programs that are consistently of the highest quality and that reflect the breadth and depth of theatrical art. In so doing, we will engage, entertain, educate, and inspire our patrons.

Operational Excellence
We are committed to the highest standards in our governance, management, and operational practices. We believe in developing an engaged, informed Board of Trustees, an experienced and accomplished staff, and a working environment that attracts trustees, staff, volunteers, and local and national artists of the highest caliber.

Financial Health
We believe in financial stability and will operate Dallas Theater Center in a financially responsible manner, with our goal being that the projected expenses for each year will be balanced with the projected revenue for that year. We will secure and maintain the human, financial, and other resources necessary to support long-term stability and excellence. We will engender community confidence, trust, and support and will be worthy of corporate, foundation, government, and individual investment that increases over time.

Collaboration and Inclusion
We believe that collaboration with the community we serve is central to our purpose and that our best results can be achieved when we partner with others in our community, including arts organizations, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and other groups. 
We will operate Dallas Theater Center as a public forum, supporting interaction that engages our community, introduces new ways of thinking, and inspires new perspectives in those we serve. We will be inclusive of diverse peoples, ideas, cultures, and traditions and, by so doing, will enrich our work and our relationships with others.
Our commitment to collaboration and inclusion will also be evidenced by our respect for our trustees, staff, volunteers, and artists, all of whose input and experience will positively shape our working environment and our operating perspective.
Effective Utilization of Resources
We accept our responsibility to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us and to make wise and efficient use of those resources. We will hold those resources in the public trust and will be prudent in using them for their intended purpose. We will operate Dallas Theater Center as a valued community asset and for purposes that are consistent with our mission and in keeping with sound business practices.
The Benefactors
By becoming a member of The Benefactors, you'll enjoy the highest level of benefits and customer service while supporting the financial integrity of DTC.  For more than 30 years, The Benefactors have enjoyed insider status with a number of enjoyable benefits, including exclusive access to social and behind-the-scenes events.
For more information, contact Erin Jines.

NEW! ADULT PLAYWRITING Taught by DTC’s Playwright-in-Residence Will Power, participants will embark on a six-week, in-depth study and training in comprehensive scene development.

Tuesdays, Jan. 26-Mar. 1, 6:00-7:30pm
Donor / Subscriber Discounted Price: $200
Full Price: $250

NEW! ADULT ACTING: SHAKESPEARE Taught by Brierley Resident Acting Company member Alex Organ, participants will engage in a deep exploration and awareness of Shakespeare’s text in performance.

Mondays, Mar. 21-Apr. 25, 6:00-7:30pm
Donor / Subscriber Discounted Price: $200
Full Price: $250

Taught by members of DTC’s Brierley Resident Acting Company (BRAC), ADULT ACTING is for students who want to create and grow a framework around playable action and believable characters. Engaging in the process of scene study, students will put text on its feet with the help of coaching from their instructor as well as critique from their peers.

Adult Acting I This beginning acting class explores the craft of acting and helps students build an acting vocabulary.

Mondays, Feb. 8-Mar. 14, 6:00-7:30pm
Donor / Subscriber Discounted Price: $200
Full Price: $235

Adult Acting II is a deeper exploration of the craft for students who want to continue developing their skills. Study builds upon the shared vocabulary established in the introductory class. Participating actors will be required to have completed Adult Acting Level I, or to audition privately

Mondays, Feb. 8-Mar. 14, 6:00-7:30pm
Donor / Subscriber Discounted Price: $200
Full Price: $235

​Adult Acting: Scene Study is an advanced level acting course that allows actors to engage in intensive scene study while building on their existing skills in performance. This course will use expertise built in earlier levels of Adult Acting and will provide class participants the opportunity to work with a variety of scenes and partners. Participating actors will be required to have completed Adult Acting Level I and II, or to audition privately.  

Mondays, Mar. 21-Apr. 25, 6:00-7:30pm
Donor / Subscriber Discounted Price: $200
Full Price: $235


ADULT MUSICAL THEATER  Strengthen your musical theater skills in the professional training program for professional actors. This six-week program will assist working professionals in advancing their acting, vocal and dance technique. 

Mondays, Apr. 4-May 9, 6:00-7:30pm
Donor / Subscriber Discounted Price: $200
Full Price: $235


Project Discovery
2015-2016 Participating Schools 

A Maceo Smith
A+ Academy
Adamson High School
Arlington High School
Barack Obama MLA
Blum High School
Bryan Adams High School
Carter High School
Conrad High School
Eustace High School
Garland High School
H.G Spruce High School
Hillcrest High School
Infinity Prep
Irma Rangel
Irving High School
Kemp High School
Kimball High School
Lamar High School
Lincoln High
Molina High School
Newman Smith
Nimitz High School
North Dallas High School
North Mesquite
R. L. Turner High School
Ranchview High School
Roosevelt High School
Samuell High School
Skyline High School
South Garland High School
South Oak Cliff High School
Summit Prep
Thomas Jefferson
Townview TAG
Trinity High School
W.T White High School
Wills Point
Wilmer Hutchins


View a full screen map of the 2015-2016 Project Discovery schools.



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