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1/21/2015 to 2/15/2015

A highlight this season is the world premiere of Stagger Lee, a musical that takes its title from the century-old folk song that became a Number One R&B hit for Lloyd Price in 1959. The story spans the 20th Century, tracing mythical characters in their quest to achieve the American Dream. The deep-seated themes of racism and the raw power of human will are sure to give you chills. And the music—from Joplin-inspired tunes to R&B and hip-hop—will definitely get your feet moving. Recommended for adults and high school students.

Stagger Lee was partially developed in workshops in collaboration with the Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas as a part of Will Power's Meadows Prize residency.

TOP: Malaiyka Reid and Devin L. Roberts. Photo by Karen Almond.

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Book and Lyrics by Will Power • Music by Will Power and Justin Ellington
Directed by Patricia McGregor • Choreography by Camille A. Brown

WORLD PREMIERE • Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre

Orchestrations Justin Ellington
Orchestrations Daryl Waters
Arrangements Justin Ellington
Music Supervision, Music Direction, Vocal Arrangements Rick Fox
Scenic Design John Arnone
Costume Design Dede M. Ayite
Lighting Design Alan C. Edwards
Sound Design Peter McBoyle
Wig and Make-Up Designer Cookie Jordan
Dialect Coach Anne Schilling
Fight Coordination Jeff Colangelo
Assistant Director Fernanda Cintra
Associate Music Director Kwinton Gray
Associate Choreographer Juel D. Lane
Additional Choreography Millicent Johnnie
Production Manager Barb Hicks
Stage Manager Joshua Pilote
Assistant Stage Manager Kirstin Jones
New York Casting Telsey + Company
Casting Travis Ballenger
Conductor Rick Fox
Conductor, Key 1 Kwinton Gray
Drums / Percussion Matt Young
Bass Guitar, Double Bass A.J. Brown
Guitars, Banjo Kelyn Crapp
Keyboards Frank LoCrasto
Saxophones, Clarinet, Flute Ben Bohorquez
Trumpet / Flugelhorn Evan Weiss
Trombone / Tuba Jay Simpson
Music Contractor Chris McQueen
Music Preparation Brian Christiansen
Synthesizer Programmer Alex Vorse

COME EARLY  Before the play, join us for a free 30-minute informative talk designed to enhance your play-going experience. Given one hour before every performance, join Stagger cast member Babakayode Ipaye as he shares details about the play’s origins and context, as well as insight into the creative process behind the production.
STAY LATE  After the play, stick around for a free, brief, post-show conversation with Brierley Resident Acting Company and Stagger Lee cast member Hassan EL-Amin. Engage with other patrons, learn about the production, and share your insights about the play in a lively discussion.

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Stagger Lee: The Study Guide......................................................

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January 29, 2015

STAGGER LEE: The Characters

Get to know Billy and Delilah, Frankie and Johnny, Stagger Lee and Long Lost John.

January 15, 2015

Stagger Lee Director Patricia McGregor on How the Past Informs the Future

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Posted by Emma Rodgers | 2015-02-13

What a magnificent production of Will Power's Stagger Lee at the Dallas Theater Center! Great actors, dancers, musicians, and staging! Hallelujah, playwright Will Power has resurrected the legend of Stagger Lee for a new generation! Growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, I heard a variety of stories about Stagolee.I loved how Power's Stagger Lee migrated from the South to Northern destinations. Then he moved this universal figure through American history by taking him on a journey that dealt with issues that included the caste mentality of Northern Blacks v Southern Blacks; slum housing; and blatant violence that exposed segregated housing in the Chicago suburb of Cicero. This iconic folk hero then transitioned to the West Coast to deal with social justice issues that our nation continues to deal with today such as: "Walking or Driving While Black" / "I Am a Man" / "struggling to find employment to support my wife and children" - and the symbolism of "I can't breath." Power's world premiere of Stagger Lee is a U.S. History lesson on the Great Migration, and the challenges that remain before our nation to deal with race, and violence.Thanks for the memories. I grew up listening to family elders telling stories about Stagolee. Your production has me searching my book shelves feverishly for an old copy of Julius Lester's Black Folktales with Stagolee on the book cover in his signature Stetson hat, while listening to various artist on YouTube sing Stagolee: Lloyd Price, Amy Winehouse, May the ancestors continue to guide Will Power as he tells the tale of Stagger Lee and our nation's history over three centuries.Power to the People! Emma Rodgers "A people without knowledge of its history is like a tree without roots." -Marcus Garvey
Posted by Darrion Lee Roberts | 2015-02-07

I saw Stagger Lee on Thursday and references poetry to Hassan and how this play inspired me to write more about the African-American community. The next day, I performed a piece titled "How Are We Different" at DaVerse Lounge. That night, one of the ladies at Daverse told me the writer of Stagger Lee wanted to talk to me. Even if it is a "good job" email, I would like to have that conversation. Thank you for your time, and an amazing performance!
Posted by stagger lee fan | 2015-02-04

i hope i marry someone with billy's beautiful voice
Posted by Lily | 2015-02-04

The play was fantastic! The music the choreography was very interesting! I have never liked a play this much in a long time. Everything was perfect.I would definitely come and see this play again! Keep up the outstanding work!
Posted by Kassandra Escobar | 2015-02-04

I just saw the show today im now leaving the theatre and on the road. But i loved the lights music and dedication to this production. But i was wondering if i could have some tips about acting and how not to break character and such because i am currently doing High School One Act Play. And every year ever since junior high i have been doing lights and now having to act due to an uneven amount of girls for a play. And i would really enjoy some help. Thank you!
Posted by A Garrison | 2015-02-02

I went Saturday afternoon. Comments from those around me was about like mine we did not know what to expect. The cast without question has exceptional talent and exceptional voices. The content yet another "poor little ole me..." One cannot solve today's problems with yesterday's thinking. I left feeling like in my 60 plus years little has changed.
Posted by Lynn Ellen Martin | 2015-02-02

What a great ending when the young man in the hoodie raised his hands as if to say, "Don't Shoot!" Racism is still a problem in the US.I saw Stagger Lee as both the hero and the villain in this drama. A very powerful symbol in the struggle of people the world over to survive and thrive. He represents both the strength and the savagery with which all people fight for their very lives.This play brought to mind the struggle of all people to be equal players in this world.
Posted by Anna L Smith | 2015-02-01

first I want to say that was the most beautiful play that I have seen in years, It was a lot of things brought in that play that I know a lot of people miss, Billy wanted things to be better for his family and to move from the old to new things and would do anything for them for a better life. When try to move from the past it's always something will try to stop or a old friend who don't want you to do better without bring up what they done for you. And another point that I like that all women of color do not want to apply for food stamps and will not lie to get them, And Delilah would not do that. She need the stamps but she would work before she would lie. The second thing I notice in the bar Billy show the lady that was trying to talk to him that he was marriage, He show her is ring.It was so many points came out of play, Thank's to all of you for the wonderful play. God bless all of you.
Posted by Samara | 2015-01-30

LOVED the performanxe!!! Hands down, one of the best I've seen. Impecable comes to mind! Everything was seamless. The amount of work....dancing, songing, costumes....prop moving while dancing and singing.....totally commendable! As a woman of color, the storyline and underlying messages are surely familiar; however, that message is crafted in a very cerebral and humanizing way. Yes, it is a story about the timeline of African American history, its ups and downs to say the least, yet, it's a story of simple human dilemma that all should be able to see. Well done cast and crew....well done!
Posted by T'Anya Carter | 2015-01-25

My partner and I saw the performance last night and I remain captivated 12 hours later! We discussed various aspects of the play and the most common theme was how wonderful it truly was! The acting, singing, and dancing were all stellar! I was not familiar with the story of Stagger Lee at all. However, the pre-show discussion was the key to putting all of the pieces together. We are currently in search of another pair of tickets! We will see you again very soon!
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