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Pay What You Can Classes

Keep your instrument in fine shape from any remote location with Dallas Theater Center’s Pay What You Can (PWYC) Classes. Designed for optimal accessibility in all forms, we bring the classroom to you with two of our favorite theater professionals.

☛Upon completing your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to access your class.
☛For those buying one-on-one coaching, you will be contacted to schedule your training session.

with Tiffany Nichole Greene, director
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Actors never have the opportunity to see other actors perform in the audition room.  Get front-row access to Director TIFFANY NICHOLE GREENE’s audition room. In the “Audition Room”, Tiffany will share actor tools that produce the most successful auditions.  The class is a 90-minute, large group session where you can participate as an audience member or performer. Gain valuable knowledge through interactive coaching and discussion.

  • Session 1  Wednesday, April 15, 6pm, 90 minutes
  • Session 2 Wednesday, April 22, 6pm, 90 minutes (available only if Session 1 is full)

Medium: Zoom Conferencing and Email

Participation Levels
  • $15 Audience Level:  Watch the audition process and join Q&A.
  • $25 Apprentice Level: Not only will you be able to watch the audition process, but receive short feedback on your monologue choices and your intros and join Q&A. 
  • $50 Performer Level: Perform a short 2-minute monologue and receive feedback for up to 20 minutes. 

with Jonathan Norton,
Dallas Theater Center Playwright-in-Residence
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Perhaps in a moment of defeat you stashed the next great American away in drawer, content to never see it again. But now, while stuck at home, this is the perfect opportunity to revisit that play and push forward. Join Dallas Theater Center’s Playwright-in-Residence, JONATHAN NORTON as we show some love to our heartbreak plays. Through a series of conversations and exercises we will explore the original impulse that led to the creation of these plays and investigate the fears and self-doubt that led to their abandonment. The aim is to tap into that original impulse and complete our plays. This online class will be a combination of group meetings and one-on-one sessions. 


  • Session  Fridays @ 6pm, April 10 – May 1

Medium: Zoom Conferencing and Email

Participation Levels
  • $50 Apprentice Level: Join in group conversations and receive assignments. 
  • $25 Playwright Level: Receive one-on-one video conferencing with Jonathan. 
  • $65 Resident Playwright Level: Learn a lot and save when you participate in both!