Dallas Theater Center Patron Perks

Patron Perks is
Dallas Theater Center’s philanthropic membership program.

Join Patron Perks to enhance your theater-going experience with free drinks and parking, recognition, and behind-the-scenes access.  Members are the first to know what’s trending at DTC – ticket offers, show announcements, and special events – and they have the first chance to take advantage of these opportunities.


There are three easy ways to become a member of Patron Perks:

1. Click the “Join” button above

2. Call the Development Office

at (214) 252-3917

3. Email


What if I want to give more? What if I want even bigger benefits?

That’s easy–become a member of The Benefactors.

Members of The Benefactors receive significant benefits while supporting Dallas Theater Center at the highest level. Please contact Robin Rose, Associate Director of Development, at (214) 252-3915 for more information.

We’d like to thank our Patron Perks members!


Patron Premiere: $500 – $999

Dennis Abrams♥
Michael Aguilar
Brooke and Greg Alexander♥
Fonda and Jay Arbetter♥
Kellie and Marc Armentrout
Chris Baker♥
Rosalind and Mervyn Benjet♥
Eleanor and John Birch♥
Karen Blumenthal and Scott McCartney♥
Susan and Shawn Bonsell♥
Denise and Gregory Boydston♥
Carol and Edward Burger♥
Carol Burtchaell♥
Alfred Butler♥
William Byerley♥
Veronica Cameau♥
Eric M. Cerny♥
Helen and Hal Coon
Nina Cortell and Bob Fine♥
Jan Crespi♥
Deborah Deitsch-Perez and Steven Goldfine♥
Elizabeth and Richard del Monte♥
Lynn Dickinson♥
Joyia Elinson and Jerry Setliff♥
Kristy and Raymond Faus♥
Faynetta Fort
Julia and Lynn Gibson♥
Terri and Alan Greenspan♥
Diana and Tony Grindl♥
Jayne Herring
Kathy and John Herring♥
Shelli and Keith Howlett-BNI♥
Forrest Johnson and Gil Jesus♥
Shawna Kennedy♥
Ellen Key♥

^ Member of the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Dallas
♥ Devoted Donor: Recognizes continuous support of our contributors for three consecutive years or more

Patron Prime: $200 – $499

Anne Allred
Stephanie and Victor Aves♥
Delia Banchs
Sherry Bartholow♥
Laurie Berger and Brian Levine♥
Dee and John Bert♥
Jan and Stuart Black
Julie Blackwell
Cindy Blue♥
Kim Bowdry♥
Nancy and Randy Braden♥
Brenda and Stuart Brand♥
Susan L. Bratton
Joyce and Robert Bregman♥
Ann and Keith Buckley♥
Alicia and Herb Burkman
Judy and Tom Butts♥
Henry Campbell♥
John T. Carlo
Rosie and Arnie Cavazos
City Yoga♥
Connie and Edward Copley
Florence Cox♥
Don Croll and Jan Gartenberg♥
Lee Cullum♥
Amanda Dake and Christopher Rowley♥
Charlotte Darrah♥
Amy and Sherwin Daryani♥
Susan and Douglas Davis♥
Michelle and Mike Davitt
Clare and Larry DeBoever♥
John Denby♥
Bernadette D. Depta♥
Carolyn Dickson
The Drablos Family♥
Kathy Duda♥
Sally and Thomas Dunning
Janell Dunsworth♥
Sandra Ellis-Bernight
Misty and Kason Escobedo♥
Janice Fandrick♥
Robert Forner♥
Veletta Forsythe-Lill and John Lill♥
Kathryn and Bill Gameros
Dr. Richard Garcia and Jeff Thomas
Mary Jo and Jay Gartner♥
W. John Glancy♥
Barbara and Abe Goldfarb♥
Peter Grays
Jackie and Gary Griffith♥
Kimberly Grigsby
Stephanie and Robert Haley♥


^ Member of the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Dallas
♥ Devoted Donor: Recognizes continuous support of our contributors for three consecutive years or more

Patron Plus: $75 – $199

Raul Acevedo
Steven Allen♥
Brad Almond♥
Pat Alva-Green♥
Vickie and Chris Anthaume
Lizbeth and Wayne Applebaum
Judy and Dennis Ashworth
Billie Askew
Rebecca and Jason Barnes
Susan Bartlett
Lynn and Bob Behrendt♥
Mary Carol and Steven Bell♥
Elaine Biewenga
Tanis and Kent Binfield
Jane and Lyndon Bittle
Julie and Norman Bleicher
Helaine and Don Blizzard♥
Susan Bowman♥
Beth D. Bradley♥
Maureen Brenner
Ryan Brown♥
Robert Bucker and Jody Hall
Mary and Ken Burdin
Patti Burks
Vanessa and James Burris
Hance Burrow♥
Carol M. Calkins
Gregg Calvert
Clyde Camp
Kathleen Campbell♥
Victoria Campos
Marcos Castillo
Michael Cavenee
Brandon Chenault
Cheri Childress
Cynthia and Steve Clampett
Daniel Clayton
Larry Clements
Letty Contreras^
Randee Cope
Babette Cormier and Michael Bernstein
Jason Crist
Cynthia Cummings
Julia and Paul Curbo
Lorraine and H. M. Darley
Daria Dato
Gerald Daugherty
Thomas Davey
Roslyn Dawson-Thompson
Ralph DeFulio
Petra Della Valle♥
Ina and George Derr♥
Natalie and Phil Devero♥
Christopher Dodd♥
Irma and Vance Dunnam
Marion Ward Dunton
Timothy Durst
Sally Earnest
Janet and Edward Ellis♥
Carole and Jim Erwin♥
John Fehan
Marcie Fincher
Lois and Ross Finkelman♥
Jenifer and Peter Flynn
Anne and Stewart French
Dan Frey
Leslie George♥
Vicki and Kirk Gillette
Sandra and Mike Gist
Marianne Gonzalez
Andrea Gray
Aimee and Paul Griffiths
Jennifer and Mark Gunnin
Kolby Guthrie
Halff Associates
Ann and Jim Hambleton♥
Alex Hamerman♥
Deanie and Tom Hampton♥
Patrick Hancock and Randy McBrayer
Sharon and Rick Harrison♥
Michael Hedegard

^ Member of the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Dallas
 Devoted Donor: Recognizes continuous support of our contributors for three consecutive years or more.

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