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Nicholas J. Carroll


Nicholas J. Carroll tells stories in films, photos, and interactive. He is a director, shooter, and editor with a special interest in collaborative storytelling and a passion for the stories hidden in our natural world. He has collaborated with a diverse set of clients and partners, from not-for-profit theaters to major corporations, from small tech startups to large universities, to bring calm and competency to high-stakes moments in production.

Inspired to make immersive storytelling more accessible, he and his team created Kapsul, a hyper-local video storytelling platform that introduces users to the people and events that make a place special.

Nick previously produced events and managed a 300-seat event production space as a FIRST employee at the Google Chicago office. He built relationships with internal and external stakeholders to understand their requirements, generated estimates, tracked metrics, and delivered events at the highest standard of quality.

An avid outdoor and urban explorer, Nick offers photo and video support for expeditions and travel around the world, commissioned works, prints, stock photos, and whatever work feels urgent.

“I have long been a passionate believer in the power of the outdoors as a transformational and centering force in our lives. My childhood was spent at sleepaway camp and in outdoor leader training. As I grew a little older and found myself on my own trips, I realized that I wanted to tell stories about the adventures waiting out there, so I could inspire others and have a positive impact on the world. I want to ensure that everyone, regardless of their situation, can access and be awed by nature.”

Nick is always looking for new projects and opportunities. He is based in Austin, Texas, but can travel for work.