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Sherlock and the Cast Party Adventure (posted 05-14-2014)

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure celebrated opening night in grand DTC fashion—with tasty food, great people and lots of photos! You can see a few of our favorites here.

Top: Hassan EL-Amin, Kieran Micahel Connolly, Christie Vela, Taylor Harris, Chamblee Ferguson, Daniel Duque-Estrada, Regan Adair, Jessica D. Turner, Timothy Paul Brown, and Megan Winters (front).

Above: Kieran Micahel Connolly, Chamblee Ferguson and Hassan EL-Amin; Taylor Harris, Daniel Duque-Estrada, Regan Adair and Christie Vela; Kieran Michael Connolly and Jessica D. Turner. 

Photos: Karen Almond

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