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DRAMA and MAYHEM: the Book Club Ecosystem (posted 12-23-2014)

Director Meredith McDonough joins us at DTC to direct our first show of 2015, The Book Club Play, playwright Karen Zacarías' smart comedy about books and the people who love them. Before rehearsals began, Meredith took a moment to share a bit about what the play means for her.

I’ve never been in a book club. Reading has always been a private activity for me—journeying alone into new lands, meeting new people through someone else’s eyes.  I love the fantasy and the endless personal imagination of it all.  So when I first encountered The Book Club Play, I was intrigued by the window that Karen gave me into this unknown world.  Even with all of the drama and mayhem that these characters encounter and make for themselves, I have to say, now I’m jealous.  Of the community these groups create.  They are their own ecosystem, and in many ways, their own family.  Each of the characters we meet in this play is trying to figure out their own path, and each are fighting their own loneliness in this public way.  I’m fascinated by the juxtaposition the play presents as the character’s innermost interpretations are displayed through the public eye of this documentary filmmaker.  How suddenly the act of “performing” ones thoughts changes them.  I certainly understand the desire to somehow find intimacy in such clinical and observed situations, and find the plight of these characters truly funny in their base humanity.  I think we might all behave just as badly under the manipulative microscope of Lars Knudsen…

I hope you can find a bit (or maybe more than a bit) of yourself in this world. I’m sure you’ll recognize your own book club’s politics at play (or if you’re like me, and book club-less, just substitute your favorite group of friends).  We come together in the theater to laugh together, to celebrate the live-ness of sharing someone else’s struggles and victories.  Take a bit of this book club into the community that you’ve created and bring it a bit of new life!