EDI: Land Acknowledgement - Dallas Theater Center
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Dallas Theater Center will engage, entertain, and inspire our diverse community by creating experiences that stimulate new ways of thinking and living. We will do this by consistently producing plays, educational programs, and other initiatives that are of the highest quality and reach the broadest possible constituency.

Land Acknowledgement



We acknowledge the land beneath our feet as the ancestral home of many Indigenous Peoples including the Caddo, Wichita, Tawakoni, and Kiikaapoi, as well as the tribes that may have lived here and roamed the area –  including Comanche, Kiowa and Apache – and those indigenous people whose names we don’t know anymore.  We honor, revere and respect those who were stewards of this land long before we made it our home.

We also acknowledge the neighborhood we inhabit as one of the original Freedman’s towns of Dallas built by those who were enslaved by European colonization.

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Reconocemos que la tierra bajo nuestros pies es el hogar ancestral de muchos indígenas, incluyendo los Caddo, los Wichita, los Tawakoni y los Kiikaapoi, así como tribus que tal vez vivieron aquí y andaron en el área incluyendo los Comanche, los Kiowa, los Apache y esos indígenas cuyos nombres ya no sabemos. Honramos, veneramos y respetamos a aquellos que fueron administradores de esta tierra mucho antes de que la hiciéramos nuestro hogar.

También reconocemos el vecindario que habitamos es uno de los Freedman ‘s towns (Pueblos de Hombres Libres), construidos por aquellos que fueron esclavizados por la colonización europea.





Kiikaapoi – Kee-kah-poo (accent on “kee’)

Caddo – Kah-doh (accent an “kah”)

Wichita –wi-chə-tah (accent on “wi”)

Tawakoni – tah-vah-koo-nee (soft w almost like w, accent on “koo”)

Kiikaapoi – Kee-kah-poo (accent on “kee”)

Comanche –kah-man-chee (accent on “man”)

Kiowa –ky-oh-wah (accent on “oh”)

Apache – ah-patch-ee (accent on “patch”)