Questions With... SummerStage 2014 Teaching Artists Jeremy Dumont and Loree Westbrooks - Dallas Theater Center
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Questions With… SummerStage 2014 Teaching Artists Jeremy Dumont and Loree Westbrooks

1. What is the one thing you’re most looking forward to this SummerStage
2. Where do you pull your “Revolutionary Energy” from?
3. What one thing should our students prepare for this summer’s adventure?

Teen Musical Theater Intensive Lead Teacher

1. I am most looking forward to working with the students again.  Last year was my first time working Summerstage and I was blown away by how passionate and focused the students were. I seriously can’t wait to work with them again!  I also LOVE the music to Les Misérables so that is for sure another thing I am looking forward to.

2. I pull my “Revolutionary Energy” from within.  I dig way deep and figure out what it is that I am passionate about.  Once I discover that passion, I focus my energy on that goal or purpose and do whatever it takes to make it happen.  In order to spark a revolution, you must first have something worth “fighting for” or something that you strongly believe in.  That’s why it’s important to me to dig within myself to find out what it is I believe in.

3. I think the one thing students should prepare for this coming summer is an open mind.  I want the students to come ready to explore their creativity and to not shy away from making bold choices.  Having an open mind always lets you make strong, creative choices during class and allows you to experience things that maybe you wouldn’t have experienced if you weren’t open to having them.

Youth Musical Theater Lead Teacher

1. I love SummerStage.  There is no place that I would rather be than creating a show with kids who love musical theatre. I love to work hard, face challenges, and share the gift of theatre with an audience.

2. I drink lots of coffee and dance lots of Zumba to build up my stamina for SummerStage.

3. I treat my students like professional actors.  I expect them to be prepared, come ready to work, and feel pride in the endeavor of creating art with others. So, cancel all slumber parties during our rehearsals, rest your voice, drink your water, and get ready for … SummerStage 2014. I want my students to know that at the end of the day I’m always wishing for one day more with a hundred young artists!

Above, left: JEREMY DUMONT (center, dancing) in A Christmas Carol 2013.
Photo by Karen Almond.



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