Friends@DTC Spotlight: Ryan Gifford - Dallas Theater Center
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Friends@DTC Spotlight: Ryan Gifford

Recently we sat down with DTC subscriber and SuperFriend Ryan Gifford to ask a few questions about how he’s enjoying being part of the DTC family: 

Tell us a little bit about your history with Dallas Theater Center.  
I am new to Dallas and was surprised to find that the theater scene here is incredible. The first show I saw at Dallas Theater Center was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat. This creative production gave me my first inkling that something special was going on between these walls. The innovative use of space—which varies from show to show—allows both actors and audiences a chance to get close, which can be a struggle at other venues. The large, flexible performance space allows for jaw-dropping set design, lighting and production qualities, such as moving sets, lifts, multiple trap doors, and the ability for actors to fly. Speaking of which, FLY has been my favorite production (so far), one which I recommended to all who would listen. I quickly bought tickets to see it again.

What led you to join Friends@DTC?
Simply put—I wanted to be part of something great.  With my busy work schedule it is hard for me to find time for hands-on volunteering. To me this was the next best thing.

Are there any specific benefits you’ve particular enjoyed?
For those who don’t know, Friends@DTC allows you special access to aspects of the productions, oppotunities that are rare in the theater world: viewing the set in the midst of construction, watching actors as they run through the script in the upstairs rehearsal rooms, and to meet the actors and creative staff in an open and informal environment.  As someone who worked set design and construction in university and community theater, I am always excited to see the set while it is under construction. Conversations about the musical or play enhance my knowledge about the material and build my excitement for what is to come.  I am happy that I joined Friends@DTC, and highly recommend it to others.

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