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Dallas Theater Center is the largest professional theater in North Texas and is committed to serving its diverse community. In 1986, Dallas Theater Center created Project Discovery in order to build bridges between our theatrical programming and the educational work being taught in our local schools. Since then, Project Discovery has worked with over 300,000 students and teachers by developing enriching experiences at little or no cost. In 2013, Project Discovery was one of twelve organizations nationwide to be awarded the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award, and the only organization within those award winners to win the 2013 Louis Vuitton Inspiration Grant.

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The mission of Project Discovery is to serve as a catalyst for young people to find their voice and explore their place in the world and within the social justice ecosystem.


Participation in Project Discovery is made possible through grants, corporate and  individual giving available to any secondary staff or faculty in North Texas, pending a completed application and supporting materials.


Participating schools will attend five virtual engagements; each moment of engagement consists of the following elements:

  • Teachers engage in a virtual professional development workshop taught by Dallas Theater Center education staff prior to their student’s educational experience. In these workshops, teachers are provided a link to the digital study guide, engage with guest artists from the show and participate in activities that they can use to prepare their students with prior to their virtual performance
  • Prior to the show students engage in a virtual webinar workshop for each play that they will see, in which they engage in activities rooted in inclusive interaction, enriching exploration and creative collaboration in order to explore the art form they will see onstage and learn about the historical background, playwright, prominent themes and plotline of the play they will view.
  • Students are then invited to attend the performance virtually along with their class or family members.
  • After viewing the show, students will engage in a recording or post show Stay Late experience with a member of the show.
  • Finally, teachers are encouraged to continue the discussion and learning in their own virtual classroom with questions and skill building activities provided by Dallas Theater Center.


  • To bring together a diverse group of teens from across secondary schools in and Texas and across the nation.
  • To cultivate an inclusive environment during workshops and post show conversations where students and teachers learn, create and think critically and speak openly and mindfully with one another.
  • To share a compassionate space for teens and teachers to experience theater alongside a multi-generational and multi-contributing audience of community members.
  • To foster an atmosphere in which students and teachers grow perspectives, build confidence in themselves and their voices; and deepen relationships with their peers and neighboring schools.
  • Develop a growing interest in the arts by participating as patrons, developing as an artist and thinking deeper on topics as it pertains to the world in which they live.

For questions or more information, please email .