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Patron Perks is
Dallas Theater Center's philanthropic membership program.

Join Patron Perks to enhance your theater-going experience with free drinks and parking, recognition, and behind-the-scenes access.  Members are the first to know what’s trending at DTC - ticket offers, show announcements, and special events - and they have the first chance to take advantage of these opportunities.




The more you give, the more you get!

There are three easy ways to become a member of Patron Perks:

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That’s easy–become a member
of The Benefactors.

Members of The Benefactors receive significant benefits while supporting Dallas Theater Center at the highest level. Please contact Robin Rose, Associate Director of Development, at
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We'd like to thank our Patron Perks members!

  • Patron Premiere
  • Patron Prime
  • Patron Plus

Patron Premiere: $500 - $999

Dennis Abrams♥
Brooke and Greg Alexander♥
Deborah Anderson
Chris Baker♥
Sherry Bartholow♥
Rosalind and Mervyn Benjet♥
Rudy Beuttenmuller♥
Eleanor and John Birch♥
Susan and Shawn Bonsell♥
Charlotte and Mel Booth
Denise and Gregory Boydston♥
Carol and Edward Burger♥
Carol Burtchaell♥
Alfred Butler♥
William Byerley
Veronica Cameau♥
Eric M. Cerny♥
Beth and Ron Chapman
Peggie and Fendol Chiles♥
Troy Cobb, D.V.M.♥
Carole and Douglas Cook
Nina Cortell and Bob Fine♥
Jan Crespi♥
Susan and Robert Cronin♥
Deborah Deitsch-Perez and Steven Goldfine
Elizabeth and Richard del Monte♥
Barbara and Mark Duffy
Kimberley Elting and Stewart Cohen♥
Kristy and Raymond Faus♥
Regen and Jeff Fearon
Julia and Lynn Gibson♥
Terri Greenspan
Diana and Tony Grindl♥
Kenneth Hamlett
Jo Heinz Staffelbach and Andre Staffelbach♥
Kathy and John Herring
Shelli and Keith Howlett-BNI♥
Sandra and Rick Illes
Oliver Johnson and Gil Jesus♥
Shawna Kennedy

Ellen Key♥
Nancy and Mark Knudsen
Pat Kozak and Jeff Warr♥
Eileen Lavine♥
Robin Lederer♥
Barbara and Franklin Lloyd♥
Barbara and Mike Lynn♥
Charles MarLett^
Nancy and Tom Mason♥
Gwyn and Wilson Mason♥
Mark Mayland♥
Stacy and Phil Meadows♥
Judy Meagher♥
Jill and David Mellinger
Kim Miller
Regina Montoya and Paul Coggins♥
Kathy Muldoon and Robert Hendler♥
Betsy and Steve Myers♥
Rebecca and Paul Ordinario♥
Julie and John Parolisi
Pat and John Priest♥
Karen and Tom Pritzkau
Noel D. Pullam and Darryl Clement♥
Evelyn and William Raecke♥
Mary and Joseph Ring♥
Marie and Charles Rosenfeld♥
Hector Sanchez and Jeffrey Hamilton
Joyia Elinson and Jerry Setliff♥
William Sherman♥
Sandy Singer♥
Carolee Smith
Sona Solbrook^
Betty and John R. Taylor♥
John Tignor
Shari and Jay Tobin♥
Marcia Joy Varel♥
Elizabeth Wahlquist♥
Karen Westergaard
Crystal and Chris Williams♥
Kirk Wilson

^ Member of the Gay and Lesbian Fund of Dallas
♥ Devoted Donor: Recognizes continuous support of our contributors for three consecutive years or more.

Patron Prime: $200 - $499

Valerie Adair
Rajiv and Aditi Anand
Patricia Andrews
Fonda and Jay Arbetter♥
Stephanie and Victor Aves♥
Delia Banchs
Laurie Berger and Brian Levine
Belinda Vicioso and M. Russell Bernhardt♥
Dee and John Bert
Trey Birkhead
Jan and Stuart Black
Cindy Blue♥
Kim Bowdry♥
Nancy and Randy Braden♥
Brenda and Stuart Brand♥
Joyce and Robert Bregman♥
Ann and Keith Buckley
Judy and Tom Butts♥
Connie and Edward Copley
Florence Cox♥
Don Croll
Amanda Dake and Christopher Rowley♥
Amy and Sherwin Daryani
Susan and Douglas Davis♥
Michelle and Mike Davitt
Clare and Larry DeBoever♥
John Denby♥
Bernadette D. Depta♥
Lynn Dickinson
The Drablos Family♥
Kathy Duda
Sally and Thomas Dunning
Janell Dunsworth♥
Sandra Ellis-Bernight
Diane and Larry Finstrom
Dalene Florez
Faynetta Fort
Katharine and Michael Friguletto
Mary Jo and Jay Gartner♥
W. John Glancy♥
Barbara and Abe Goldfarb♥
Jackie and Gary Griffith♥
Vera Guillen^
Stephanie and Robert Haley♥
Cathey and Randy Hall♥
Randi and Edward Halsell♥
Liz and Tom Halsey♥
Margaret and Robert Harden
Kristi Hardy
Sharon and Rick Harrison♥
Jack and Susan Hawkins♥
Jeff Heald and Michael Zerbach♥
Geoff Henley
Rue and Tuck Henry♥

Pamela Hilbert
Bertha and Narciso Hinojosa♥
Kaki and Shelton Hopkins♥
Carole Ann and Jay Hoppenstein♥
Caren and Ted Houston♥
Ahamed Idris
Jean and Ted Ingersoll♥
Marla and Howard Janco♥
Sue and Phillip John♥
Jean and Steven Kaplan♥
Rita Karl^
Jean and Don Kennerly♥
Harold Korin♥
Christine Koski♥
Lisa and Peter Kraus
Paullete and John Krause♥
Sarah and Doug Kubehl♥
Lawryn Lacroix
Brant Laird♥
Kelly Lane and jim Poluikis♥
Kathleen and Frank Lauringer♥
Betsy Lewis
Lauren and John Paul Lewis
Veletta Forsythe-Lill and John Lill♥
William Little
Ginger and Robert Loshelder♥
City Yoga♥
Peggy and Jimmie Mayhew♥
Karen Blumenthal and Scott McCartney♥
Terri and Randy McClellen♥
Andrunette and Ron McCollum♥
Becky and James McCulley
Linda and John McFarland
Jim and Louisa Meyer♥
Phyllis Meyerson♥
Rex Mills
Aleksey Milman^
Joyce and Harvey Mitchell♥
Jan and Herb Moltzan♥
Jay Mower
Linda and Robert Muckerheide♥
Margaret and Leo Newport
Mike Northrup
Karol Omlor♥
Sharon Fancher and Betsy Orton^
Deonna and Hope Osborn
Karen Pancorvo
Linda Parsel and David Harrison^
Craig M. Patrick♥
Elizabeth Payne
Kyle Pewitt
Erika Pickens♥
Jody and Melvin Platt♥
Diane and Allen Plotkin

Arlene and Bill Press♥
Sally and Steve Richardson
Alberto Galue and Rusty Rippamonti♥
Ann and Duane Roberts♥
William "Billy" Rodriguez^
Christine and Richard Rogoff♥
Terry and Bert Romberg
Donna and Richard Rose♥
Kimberly and Jon Ross
Anne and Alton Rye♥
Patricia Sabin♥
Hernan Saenz
Ravi Sarode
Ann Saucer and Doug Ehring♥
Roxanne Schroeder
Edward Schuh
Leslie and Howard Schultz
Jason Scoggins♥
Diane and John Scovell
Lorraine Sear and John McCafferty♥
Brad Sham♥
Evelyn and Brad Simmons
Brenda L. Smith♥
Marian and Jack Spitzberg♥
Mary Ann Staab♥
Laura Starks
Jean Stoner♥
John Stutler
Lynn and Kathryn Surls
Al Sutton
John Swope♥
Cheri and Bart Thomas
Jennifer and James Thompson
JoAnn and Robert Tobey♥
Walker Trigg♥
Tom Trotter
Peg and Stephen Trowbridge
Garrett Vogel
Christi Walker
Bruns A. Watts, Jr.♥
Ruth and Bob Whelan♥
Anne and Paul Whiteman
Bonnie and Jeffrey Whitman
Buddy Whittenburg♥
Margaret and Herschel Wilonsky♥
Sherry and Robert Wilson♥
Wheelice Wilson♥
Diana and William Winkelmann♥
Katie Worden
Karen and Shelby Wyll♥
Rachel and Natan Yaker
Kathryn Yates♥
Mine and Adnan Yucel
Sandra Zamora and Beth Myers^

^ Member of the Gay and Lesbian Fund of Dallas
♥ Devoted Donor: Recognizes continuous support of our contributors for three consecutive years or more.

Patron Plus: $75 - $199

The Airitams
Steven Allen
Brad Almond♥
Roberto Anderson♥
Vickie and Chris Anthaume
Rhonda and Phil Appenzeller
Lizbeth and Wayne Applebaum
Judy and Dennis Ashworth
Kristin Bauer
Chrystal Bawcom
Lynn and Bob Behrendt♥
Mary Carol and Steven Bell♥
Edward Berger
Rose and Douglas Bily
Tanis and Kent Binfield♥
John Birkner
Jane and Lyndon Bittle
Douglas Blake
Julie and Norman Bleicher
Helaine and Don Blizzard
Jeff Bogert♥
Steve Bottum
Susan Bowman♥
Beth D. Bradley♥
LaTanya Bradley
Maureen Brenner
Diana Briner
Dr. Anne Bromberg♥
Mary Brown
Ryan Brown
Vanessa Brown
Elizabeth Bruni
Robert Bucker and Jody Hall
Ken and Mary Burdin
Vanessa and James Burris
Hance Burrow♥
Donald Campbell
Henry Campbell
Kathleen Campbell♥
Victoria Campos
Curtis Cannon
John T. Carlo
Clarissa Carter
Charles Cascio and Graham McCall^
Rosie and Arnie Cavazos
Jeremy Chang
Daniel Clayton
Joan Collins
Randee Cope
Mary L. Cox
Jason Crist
Lee Cullum
Charlotte Darrah♥
Roslyn Dawson-Thompson
Ralph DeFulio
Steve Deitsch
Ina and George Derr♥
Natalie and Phil Devero♥
Christopher Dodd♥
Walter Duncan
Lara Eckler
Robert Edwards
Janet and Edward Ellis♥
Leonard Ellis♥
Carole and Jim Erwin
Misty and Kason Escobedo
Janice Fandrick♥
Margaret Filingeri♥
Lois and Ross Finkelman♥
Jenifer and Peter Flynn
Cheryl and John Formes
Robert Forner
Lan Freedman
Stewart and Anne French
Kathryn and Bill Gameros
Barbara and Ruben Garcia
Leslie George
Ryan and David Gifford-Robinson♥
Mark Gillie
Sandra and Mike Gist
Patrick Glennon
Marianne Gonzalez
Paul and Aimee Griffiths

Halff Associates
Milinda Hall and Jerry Wright
Susan Hall
Leslie Halleck
Ann and Jim Hambleton
Alex Hamerman
Deanie and Tom Hampton♥
Sarah Hancock
Jennifer and Jeffrey Hargrave
Charles Hayward♥
Bert Headden
Michael Hedegard
Chris Heinbaugh♥
Robin Helms
Jayne Herring
Gustavo Hinojosa^
Sharon and Jim Hirsch♥
Lauren Hobratsch and Charles Chang
Hope Hochster
Marilyn and Randy Horton
Scott Hounsel
Stephanie and Ed Howard
L. Keith Hughes♥
Charles Humphrey
Janet Hunter
Adele Ichilian
Erin Jines♥
Jeanne and Jose Joglar
Christopher Johnson
Dwayne Johnson
Elisa Johnson♥
Josie Johnson
Ellen and Charlie Johnston♥
John and Carol Joyce
Corinne and David Karp
Betty Keefe♥
Elizabeth and Gary Keep♥
Kathy Kessler
Rod Khavari
Kim Family
Wendy Koster and Dave Pryor♥
Barbara Kuhlke
Dona Lach♥
Sandra Lambert♥
Donya Leeman
Lily Lin
JoNell and Jody Lindh♥
Jen Liou
Nancy and Dan Littauer
Corliss Stone-Littles and Lorenzo Littles
Rebecca Low
Maria Lozano
Christopher Luck
Gail and Guillermo Marmol♥
Sara and David Martineau
Judy and John Mathis♥
Vikki and Harry McBrierty♥
Joe McCoy
David and Carol McMann
Thisbe McWilliams
Jerod Miller
Lisa Miller
Ben Millner
David Morice♥
Guru and Shashi Motgi
Geraldine Mullane
Tyler Muse
Tamara Myers
Matthew Myllykangas
Jim Neitzel♥
Lynda and Gordon Newman
James Newton
Kelly Nitsche and Alan Levi^♥
Sylvia Nolan
Martha and David Norton♥
Sybil and Lyle Novinski
Deborah and Jim Nugent
Alice and Gene Oltrogge
Sally Oppel
Patricia and Daniel O'Reilly
Jesse Ortega
Hester Parker
Jesusita and Armando Perez
Nancy Phillips
Elizabeth Pickett♥

Jane and Charles Pierce♥
Annette and Steven Pipes♥
Phyllis and Jerome Prager♥
Janine Pulman
Donna Rainey
Carolyn Raiser♥
Edid Ramos
Susan Rebillet
Michelle Bracken
Amber Reece
Steve Reis
Betty Reiter
Linda Resnik
Sasha Restrepo
Julie and David Rex
Cynthia Rock
Elizabeth and Michael Rogers
Barbara Roselli
Evelyn Rostad
Betsy Roe
Gretchen and William Ryan
Briana Sacco
Mark Sadlek and Steve Habgood
Patricia Pace and Rodolfo Salas♥
Susan Sanders
Wayne N. Sanders♥
Jane Sanford♥
Susan and Joe Schackman♥
David Schiller
Brian Schmidt
Hal Schneider
Luanne Schultz♥
Beatrice Seifert
Lisa and Cliff Sentell
Dana Serafine
Julia and Andrew Shoup♥
Shelly Simpson
Brian and Joyce Smith♥
Heather and Chris Smith♥
Valerie Smith
Mary Spector
Arnold Spencer
Bill St. John♥
Connie Stamets
Henrietta Wright-Stead and Edward Stead♥
Dani Steininger
Robert Stewart♥
Marvin Stone
Ann Stuart
Michelle Suarez
Mary Suhm♥
Meg and John Sullivan
Lindsley and Bruce Swenson♥
Karen Swenson
William Tedford
Doug Thompson^
Martha Thompson
Kim Tierney
David Townsend
H.W. Treger
Peggy Trowbridge
Ute and Klaus Truemper♥
Brenda Truitt
Jo Denton Tuck
Jannae Tunnell♥
Frank Turner♥
Mark Turner
Alicia Tuttle
Barbara Van Drie
Pat Vaughan♥
Susan Warden
Margaret and Carl Weinkauf
Sue Ann West
Willa Henigman and Gregory White♥
Jill White
Josh Whittington
Karen and Tom Wiese
Kristen Williams
Richard Wills♥
Carole and Joram Wolanow
Sarah and Jim Bob Womack
John Wood
Carol and Doug Wright
Elizabeth Young
Karen and Jerry Zvonecek♥

^ Member of the Gay and Lesbian Fund of Dallas
 Devoted Donor: Recognizes continuous support of our contributors for three consecutive years or more.
October 2018