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7/2/2013 to 8/18/2013

Forget the walls
Forget the floor
Forget the Pans you've seen before

Forget the ground, forget the sky, ‘cause the more you forget the higher you will FLY! FLY, a new musical where Peter Pan flies Wendy and John on an action-packed journey to Neverland. When the trio gets separated along the way, their exciting and danger-filled adventures lead to the unexpected. With a new sound and score by Bill Sherman, Rajiv Joseph and Kirsten Childs, FLY shines a whole new light on J.M. Barrie’s classic novel ... It’s not just for kids anymore.  Appropriate for adults and kids. Recommended for age 8 years and above. Not appropriate for children under 5 years old.

Above: MORGAN WEED (Tink) with members of the Lost Boys    Photo: Karen Almond


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Based on J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan  •  Book by Rajiv Joseph  •  Music by Bill Sherman  •   Lyrics by Rajiv Joseph 
and Kirsten Childs  •   Music Supervision by Alex Lacamoire   •  Choreographed by Andy Blankenbuehler
Directed by Jeffrey Seller

Scenic Designer Anna Louizos
Costumer Designer Marina Draghici
Lighting Designer Howell Binkley
Sound Designer Nevin Steinberg
Music Director Kurt Crowley
Percussion Supervisor Tim Keiper
Aerial Designer Pichon Baldinu
Fight Direction Ron Piretti
Flying Effects Flying By Foy
Hair and Wig Designer Charles G. Lapointe
Make-up Designer Angelina Avallone
Production Manager Jeff Gifford
Production Stage Manager Eric Tysinger
Assistant Director Andy Seor, Jr.
Assistant Choreographer Rickey Tripp
Associate Scenic Designer Adam Karavatakis
Associate Costume Designer Thomas LeGally
Associate Lighting Designer Ryan O'Gara
Associate Sound Designer Jason Crystal
Associate Sound Designer Angela Phillips
Stage Manager Chris Waffles Wathen
Stage Manager Megan Winters
Sound Mixer Jake Scudder
Production Assistant Matt Grevan
Production Assistant Liz Metelsky
Assistant to the Choreographer Tanner Murray
Assistant to the Director Carson McCain
Assistant to the Director John Leos
New York Casting Telsey + Company
Local Casting Tiffany Hobbs
Conductor / Music Director / Keyboard 1 Kurt Crowley
Associate Conductor / Keyboard 2 Elaine Davidson
Keyboard Programmer Randy Cohen
Guitar 1 Joe Lee
Guitar 2 Todd Parsnow
Upright Bass Rex Bozarth
Drums Tony DeAugustine
Percussion, Drum Set Drew Lang
Percussion 2 Roland Muzquiz
Copyist, New York Emily Grishman
Music Assistant Austin Struckmeyer
July 17, 2013

FLY Fashion

How do all the costumes come together? Find out what the creative process was like for the team of FLY and DTC.
July 2, 2013

Catch FLY in PaperCity

While the cast and creative team of FLY are hard at work, read about their journey bringing this world premiere musical to life at the Wyly Theatre.  Don't miss the insert in this month's issue of PaperCity.

June 30, 2013

Peter Pan On Stage and Screen

Follow the history of one of literature's most beloved stories, and find out how its various iterations on screen and stage evolve in the world premiere new musical, FLY.



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Posted by Jaden Antunez | 2013-08-27

One of the best shows I've ever seen! I hope it goes to Broadway (hopefully with the same cast, those kids were absolutely PHENOMINAL!)
Posted by Galen | 2013-08-24

I saw "FLY" Saturday evening the 17th . What a night to remember ! I loved the trees the drumming, the Lost Boys ,Wendy, Peter , Hook all amazing. I hope you take it Broadway soon, I would love to see it again. Thank you for a wonderful evening.
Posted by Nick S | 2013-08-19

"Fly" was amazing! I just saw it on Saturday, and though it closed yesterday, I still thought it worth mentioning that I was really impressed by the quality of the production - from the acting to the set to the music and the choreography - it was a sight to behold! And it's great to get to see this awesome show have it's debut right here in Dallas! I am not sure if the next step if Broadway, but if not, it should be!NickPS Does anyone know if there was any merchandising for the show? I would love to get a poster or something!
Posted by Kathy Bradshaw | 2013-08-12

Awesome staging. Awesome dancers who give life to the island. But the show has the potential to be so much more than a Peter Pan takeoff, if only a few changes could be made. The scene with Mami Wata is breathtaking, unique and powerful. Her character could give the story more dimension, focus, and strength if she helped all the characters grow up. A duet with Mami Wata and Hook (as he dies) could offer the audience an exceptional theater experience. The show left me wanting more.
Posted by Bilz Arajo | 2013-08-11

My time in Dallas would not be complete without Fly. Now I gonna get back home (Brazil) rejuvenated. "I will always remember".
Posted by Karen Polvinen | 2013-08-08

The best part of this play....everything. The music, songs, talent, story line, comedy, costumes, sets...Just over the top. Not to mention the singing..the voices are all just Broadway ready. I predict this play is going to win many Tony's when it gets to Broadway. You know what I really like is that each player has equal parts...the show has so many great characters and to see them all perform over and over again...you never get tierd of a character. Hook...is perfection. The kids...unbelievable talent. The dancing...exciting (I wish they had a little more color, sometimes they blend in a little too much...but all and all. A wonder experience. I can't wait for the rest of the world to see it. Dallas lucked out big time on this premier showing. I can't wait to buy the CD. FLY...up to the heavens....
Posted by DCampbell | 2013-07-28

What a fabulous show! The music, choreography, performers, sets - all were wonderful. There are very shows that I would like to see again, but this is one of them.
Posted by Alexis Dean | 2013-07-28

i went to see the play today and i loved everything...and i was wondering how to get into this and start becoming a theatre actress so im just looking for someone to help me to get in to it so if you guys have any kind of auditions or sign uos or somthing here is my email adress katlexi@hotmail.com
Posted by Emily L | 2013-07-25

I saw it for my birthday yesterday and it was AMAZING! What a wonderful night!
Posted by Blake Kenyon | 2013-07-14

I just got back from the show and it was spectacular I hope it does extremely well when it goes to Broadway
Posted by Samia Smith | 2013-07-13

Fantastica! Amazing! Want to see yall take it to Broadway!!!!!!!!
Posted by Ireta Ellis | 2013-07-12

Took grandchildren to see Fly last evening and loved it. We all agreed--it to HAS TO BE Broadway bound.
Posted by Sean | 2013-07-11

Loved the show last night, simply AMAZING ! This show is organic and flows seamlessly from scene to scene. I will see this show again!
Posted by Lisa Philibeck | 2013-07-08

What a fantastic show! Everyone is so talented & loved all the singing. A great show for the family!
Posted by Jed Rhien | 2013-07-08

We went to this on our anniversary. My wife and I have been going to theater events for years, and this was so energetic, thoughtful, inspiring, and just plain old fun. We loved the messages and themes of the play, and the special effects. The lyrics, the music, the DANCING! The youth on stage, and all the parts coming together made this a theatrically magic experience. I want to go again. I hope this makes it big on broadway!
Posted by celine collins | 2013-07-07

Just returned from tonight\'s performance, and can\'t stop gushing! Easily the single most impressive, memorable theater event we have ever attended. Flawless technical/sound production that was riveting in excitement and adventure, extraordinary talent and musical score, and the message of the show. Completely blew me away - a huge BRAVO to the entire cast and crew of this remarkable show! Thank you!
Posted by Tracy | 2013-07-07

Bradley Dean is an amazing talent!
Posted by Gary Barton | 2013-07-07

We are long time season ticket holders and last night became one of the absolute best. Story, acting, set design, music, orchestra, energy, technology, levels, etc were all impressive. This show is the whole package. I was even impressed with the professionalism and energy of the cast coming out of the hold. Great job!
Posted by Sody Clements | 2013-07-07

We came to see our friend Campbell Walker-Fields, but left amazed now only at his talent but also at the clever sets, the fabulous music, and hysterical dialogs! I predict a big hit on Broadway!
Posted by DC Shelton | 2013-07-04

Great show for the whole family! I loved it! funny, different well produced and entertaining all the way through! Bravo! great job!!
Posted by Avery | 2013-07-04

Just saw the show! It was amazing!!! I loved the music and dancing, just one thing missing. A soundtrack! I want to continue to listen to the music!
Posted by Kelly Beaman | 2013-07-03

My 4 year old daughter absolutely loved tonight's performance. Her eyes were twinkling and he jaw was dropped the entire time. She now has a crush on Peter, but she loved Tinkerbell and Wendy! I laughed and enjoyed myself very much watching the performers. They did an excellent job with all the dancing, singing, and special effects! I would love to see this become a huge Broadway success! Each person was an integral part in tonight's opening success! Thank you for being my daughter's first play. It was magical!
Posted by Kevin Austin | 2013-07-03

Wow. So much more than I ever expected. It's where talent meets imagination. Totally blew me away!!!
Posted by Taylor J. | 2013-07-03

I saw this production opening night and was moved by each scene. The actors and dancers were all so amazing! Kudos to EVERYONE who helped to pull this production together.
Posted by Abby | 2013-06-12

My uncle Kyle Everett helped with this play.
Posted by Joseph Mas | 2013-05-29

Just got my tickets! Can't wait to see the show.
Posted by Laurie Kirkland | 2012-07-19

I cannot wait for this show! Bill Sherman is my son-in-law and he is amazing! Been listening to him write the music this summer while in NY!! Everything Jeffrey Seller touches, turns to gold! ALex and Andy are so incredible also. This will be fabulous! Look out Dallas!\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n
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