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4/26/2013 to 5/26/2013

Sometimes It Takes a Blackout To See the Light.

A star-crossed prophecy. Two charming sisters and a luckless sandwich maker. A lot of music. Just not a lot of light.

Conceived by Kim Rosenstock (Tigers Be Still) and written in collaboration with Will Connolly and Michael Mitnick, this darkly comic rock-musical romance follows a trio of young New Yorkers as they pine for love, and grope for flashlights, in the epic blackout of 1965.

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Conceived by Kim Rosenstock  •  By Will ConnollyMichael Mitnick, and Kim Rosenstock  •  Directed by Bill Fennelly



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Posted by Joe Luce | 2013-05-27

In all the man yrs as season ticket holders, Fly By Night ranks as one of the top shows we've seen by the DTC; y'all hit on all cylinders: acting, directing, set, lighting, sound, & script. Kudos.
Posted by Jamie Allen | 2013-05-27

Fly By Night is a fabulous show and deserves any and all success it enjoys. My family and I had many conversations about it for days which, for me, is the telltale sign of a worthwhile theater experience. With that in mind, I offer the following suggestions, the consideration of which I hope might help to ensure future success. First, I believe the title needs to be changed. The current title has nothing to do with the show and gives the casual culture consumer a misleading idea of what it's about. I believe something along the lines of "Stars" or "Starlight" would be stronger. Second, the "I Trust Stars" number needs to be reworked. The double "st" is awkward and difficult to sing, as is the melody. Kristin, who throughout the rest of the show was absolute dynamite, appeared uncomfortable with the first interval of the chorus, and the odd leap to the bottom of her register at one point was unsettling. Finally, I believe the ending could be improved. The theme of interconnectedness is undercut by having only 2 characters bringing the show to an uncertain close. I think all of the characters need to return (perhaps singing a reworked version of the "I Trust Stars" song), including Miriam, who is now stardust, but still connected. I don't mean to tie a "happy ending" bow around anything, but to make the underlying theme, and the questions it generates, more poignant and visceral for the audience. This last suggestion will, I believe, be crucial for a successful run in New York. Thanks for listening and best of luck!
Posted by Tasha | 2013-05-23

Absolutely loved it! Thanks for the experience. :-)
Posted by Robin K Hayles | 2013-05-23

Tonight will be our third attendance - It is an amazing show, and the talent is truly outstanding. David Coffee's "Cecily Smith" is touching, amusing, and just fantastic - he has such talent! I can't wait for showtime tonight!!
Posted by Demi Thomas | 2013-05-20

I went to project discovery on Friday and had so much. The play was so much fun. I love Cirlces in the Sand and Cecily Smith. Best play I've ever seen!
Posted by ka | 2013-05-19

The show was amazing! The acting and singing was fantastic. The show was fast paced and funny. We laughed and cried and really enjoyed it!
Posted by Mackenzy Rogers | 2013-05-18

I just finished watching this performance and I was enchanted by the entire experience. The show was touching and moving. My mind has been reeling with thoughts and feelings brought on by the show. Iit was emotionally tolling. I absolutely loved it and I plan on sharing it with everyone. Great job to the writers, musicians, tech, and actors!
Posted by Asha | 2013-05-16

Hey, I go to Hampton Prep (: I loved this production! Especially the BAND. I felt every emotion anyone could possibly feel while watching this play. Incredible.
Posted by Barry Bowens | 2013-05-15

My wife and I have been subscription holders for 7 years, and we've never seen a better DTC performance! Bravo!
Posted by Buck | 2013-05-12

A grand time was had by all. We cried, laughed and cried again. Thank you for a fun afternoon.
Posted by Marion Wossner | 2013-05-11

I'm visiting from Zuerich/Switzerland and coincidentally came across your show. It's just wonderful. Such a touching story and the music is lovely too! Thanks so much - really enjoyed it a lot!
Posted by candynce | 2013-05-11

i saw the show last night and was so moved i was so glad i got to see it and hoped to see it again.
Posted by Emily "Nikki" Cardenaas | 2013-05-09

I just wanted to say that this Story deeply touched me and that I feel inspired to go out and find my connections in life.Thank you from all the students and staff of W.H Adamson we hope to see this show make it big and know we got to see it in its first stages !!!
Posted by Darrion Worden | 2013-05-09

Such an amazing show! It took me on an emotional roller coaster! That best show that I've seen at Dallas Theatre Center!
Posted by Gabrielle King | 2013-05-08

Hey everyone! I go David W. Carter high and I just wanted to tell y'all did amazing job, I love your play it was amazing tonight, I just want to see that play one more time I wish y'all could make that a movie, so I can share it to my family and friends.
Posted by Deborah McMurray | 2013-05-04

Saw Fly By Night last night - opening night. We loved it - it's an enchanting story - great music, all-around perfect acting/singing. Must see!
Posted by Gordon Markley | 2013-05-03

LOVED "Fly By Night!" It has the energy of RENT and is equally gifted. After the next phase of this production at Playwrights' Horizon, let's hope this opens on Broadway on Nov. 09, 2015, exactly 50 years after the lights went out! The cast is amazing and this was INDEED, my favorite play of the season!! Thanks!
Posted by Ross DeHovitz | 2013-05-02

Having seen this in Palo Alto, 2 yrs. ago, I am still drawn to this beautiful story and these wonderful songs. Dallas is in for a rare treat - a quirky yet touching classic in the making. See it while you can. My best wishes to the creative team and actors as you continue on your journey to New York .
Posted by Sasha Borodin | 2013-05-01

To me, the most significant value of a piece of art is the strength and endurance of the emotional impact it has on its audience. In this (and other more cerebral regards), Fly by Night was excellent. A big "thank you" to the actors, musicians, and everyone who contributed to this heartfelt, cathartic evening. I thank you!
Posted by Janet Beller | 2013-04-29

Absolutely one of the most entertaining plays I have seen in some time! The technical malfunction the night of 4/26 just added to the whole concept of the movie :)The cast was fabulous. I especially enjoyed the spontaneity of Damon Daunno. Thank you for providing a very enjoyable evening for myself, friends, and family.
Posted by Luisa Arcay | 2013-04-27

It is an excellent musical where the interpretation and characterization of the actors is brilliant and very natural. It's 100% entertaining. Worth watching - excellent production!
Posted by Kelly | 2012-04-11

I saw this show at TheatreWorks in Palo Alto, CA (where it was developed), and it was my favorite show of the year -- far better than Book of Mormon or any other show I saw on Broadway in 2011. I'm so glad more audiences will get to see it! I hope I get to see it again some day.
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