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11/20/2012 to 12/23/2012

By Charles Dickens
Adapted by Richard Hellesen
Music by David de Berry
Directed and Choreographed by Joel Ferrell
November 20 - December 23, 2012
Kalita Humphreys Theater

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Scrooge Up Your Holidays.
From tiny tots to young-at-heart seniors, for a lot of North Texans it just wouldn’t be the holidays without DTC’s festive production of the Dickens classic. It’s a lot like Christmas itself. Magical, moving and colorful, filled with laughter and song (including favorite carols and newer originals). Appropriate for families. Recommended for ages 8 years and above. A Christmas Carol runs 2 hours, including one 15-minute intermission. 

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Posted by JD McNutt | 2012-12-13

The play was AWESOME. There were a lot of parts that I remembered from the story. I had a lot of favorite parts, but my favorite part is when Jacob Marley dragged scrooge from his room. Thank y'all for letting us watch.
Posted by savannah nicole williams | 2012-12-13

I loved the play, it was just amazing. I felt like I was in a movie theater watching a 3D movie. My favorite character was Marley; he was scary. I think he was the scariest one in the play besides the grim reaper. He was super tall and scary. I still wonder how you transformed a girl to look like a boy. My favorite part of the play was when I found out that Tiny Tim lived and that he grew up to be a wonderful father. I have a question. Why did you have two Tiny Tims. It made me feel very happy and jolly when I saw Scrooge so happy for Christmas. Over all I loved every little detail, especially how they took word from word out of the book. I enjoyed the play and I'm happy that I could attend that wonderful play. You will see me back next year. Well thank you and please try to respond to me. Sincerely, Savannah Williams
Posted by Cindy Hensley | 2012-12-13

Our 7th grade watched the matinee performance one 12/11 along with 8 teachers. It was unanimous, we all loved it!! We were all impressed by the actor's performance, the special effects as well as the rotating stage. Thank you for also taking the time to answer questions regarding the production. The was a great way to end our Reading Lesson on Elements of Drama and our in-class reading of "A Christmas Carol". Thank you!! Van Alstyne 7th grade.
Posted by Genesis Hibbard | 2012-12-13

i enjoyed everything, but my favorite was when marlys head appeared on the wall and scared me! My other favorite part is when the ghost of the past popped out of scrooge's bed, and my other favorite part was mister scrooge was frightened when marley yelled.
Posted by raigen archer | 2012-12-13

I really liked the show. In some parts, it was kind of scary like when jacob appeared on the wall, and when scrooge got pulled by the ghost and went black like a mystery.I can't wait to go next year. :)
Posted by devon | 2012-12-13

i was touched of the wonderful performance, and i am glad to come again.
Posted by gavin | 2012-12-13

This was a great play. I'm glad i came, or i could't experience this wonderful performance.
Posted by Blayke Owen Russ | 2012-12-13

I think the play was so good. It felt like i was in the play,but i think the play is not as scary as i thought it would be.
Posted by Joseph Favors | 2012-12-13

I loved the show, and it had good acts and graphics. I was impressed by how the ghosts looked, and they had bigger torches at the show than the movie.
Posted by conner | 2012-12-13

i liked every thing,but i liked the part were marly came out in ghost form and yelled and scared me to bits
Posted by Brandon D Candy | 2012-12-13

I LOVED the play, it was awesome. I think my favorite part was when scrooge was so happy that it was christmas day, and he was dancing and jumping around, and he jumped on his bed and hit the floor. I also liked when he kicked the chair to make sure there was no ghost under it.
Posted by aaron pierce | 2012-12-13

Your show was mind blowing, absolutely astonishing,and my favorite part was when scrooge slid off the bed and fell on his face. My other favorite part is when the ghost of christmas future used his pen and stroked the ground, absolutely amazing! My mind is blown! thanks for letting us watch the christmas carol.
Posted by dani venegas | 2012-12-13

I loved the show, but my favorite part was when the bells started ringing out of nowhere. I really liked when the ghost of christmas past showed up and scared him. It was kinda sad when the ghost of christmas yet to come showed scrooge that tiny tim would die if he did not change what he was doing.
Posted by Kaitlyn L Phillips | 2012-12-13

I really liked this play, and I especially loved Marley's ghost. It was kinda scary. My friend's were screaming the whole time.
Posted by Haylie buchhmeyer | 2012-12-13

I loved when the ghost of Jacob Marly scared Scrooge, but i did not like the back ground though. SO coming back next year!
Posted by Hannah DeFriend | 2012-12-13

I LOVED the play. It was nice how you'll tried to make us feel like we were in the scrooge's time. I really thought I was there.
Posted by Heaven L Porch | 2012-12-13

I was scared when the ghost Yet To Come came out and when the stick hit against the ground and boomed, but it was a really good play.(The Ghost Yet To Come was the scariest one in the play.)
Posted by Chody spann | 2012-12-13

i thought that the play was really amazing, and was one of the best plays i have ever seen.
Posted by colton agnew | 2012-12-13

I wish i could come back next year, but I think it could be a little more scarier. I love the last ghost the most; the actors were great.
Posted by Bailey L Johnson | 2012-12-13

Awesome! I think that my favorite part was when Jacob Marly scared scrooge, but then i like when jacob marly's face appeared. : )
Posted by jim zoccoli | 2012-12-10

attended 20 years straight... always great!
Posted by Delia Cruz Nochebuena | 2012-12-05

My class and I recently attended a student showing of "A Christmas Carol" performed by the Dallas Theater Center cast and was blown away by the actors ability to really sense the importance of the story while successfully contributing their own unique characteristics to each character in the play. I really enjoyed it and will make sure to see other plays at the Dallas Theater Center. Special thanks to Mr.Hassan El-Amin for taking the time to talk with us after the play. (Thank You from all the Williams Prep. Seniors!)
Posted by Ellen Armstrong | 2012-12-04

Saw the show today, and it was awesome as usual. The kids really enjoyed it. It was also nice to speak with Hassan. The kids had a lot of interesting questions. I am sad that this is the last run at the Kalita Humphreys. I've been going to shows there since the Magic Turtle days of the 1970s. The Wylie is a great space, and I look forward to the new production next season. Break a leg and Merry Christmas!
Posted by Joel Ferrell --> Destiney | 2012-12-03

Hi, Destiney. Thank you for your most observant question. The way the chains are placed on Marley varies in each season's production. Sometimes we explore the weight as the primary agony, sometimes the length. In the case of the long chain, we were exploring the idea of being tethered to the "other life." This year we decided to explore the idea of weight and allow the actor to go anywhere, as long as he could hold up under the weight.
Posted by Destiney | 2012-11-30

What was the reason or were the reasons for the chain not being as long as it had been the past few years?
Posted by Cheryl | 2012-11-30

Several scenes keep coming back to mind: the way you ended Act 1, the scene when Scrooge 1st meets the Beggar Girl, I felt like I was part of Fred's Dinner Part, and Bob's speech to his family. I hope that the hard-hearted will be moved by this performance as much as I was! Thank you DTC!
Posted by Julie Riggs | 2012-11-29

My 7th grade was impressed. And I was in tears at the end. I loved Scrooge's kneeling to the caroler. Lovely!
Posted by Pat | 2012-11-26

My wife and I saw A Christmas Carol last night and I was left speechless, when I finally composed myself I told my wife that this was as good a performance of anything as I have ever seen! That includes a dozen or so shows in London, a few in New York and many in other places... so I'm not speaking from a lack of experience! I would like the cast to know how glorious it was and how impressed we were! WELL DONE!
Posted by Fran | 2012-11-21

Really enjoyed the performance. Loved all of the clocks set differently.... Time was irrelevant. Very touching when Scrooge recognized the song from his childhood. Thanks for a great evening of entertainment!
Posted by Amanda Farrow | 2012-11-21

My husband and I are very excited to see this show! What is the run time? Thanks!
Posted by Webmaster -->> Kim Frese | 2012-10-12

Hi, Kim, and thank you for your inquiry. While A CHRISTMAS CAROL is not a traditional musical - it is filled excellent and carols! :) Hope to see you here!
Posted by Kim Frese | 2012-10-11

I have to watch a musical for my music class at colin college, would this be a musical, or just a production?
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